People Care: Career Friendly Practices for Professional Caregivers by Thom Dick

This is one of my favorite archived episodes. Recorded in the Fall of 2009 and originally posted at on December 3, 2009.

People Care Career-Friendly Practices for Professional Caregiver is the book by long time EMS author and professional Thom Dick. In this episode of Medical Author Chat from Everyday EMS Tips Thom Dick talks about how he started his EMS career as an “ambulance attendant making $1.25 an hour” and the lessons he has learned from patients and other professionals that are not taught in school.

Thom discusses how EMT school does not prepare us to deal with people at their worst and most fearful moment. EMS professionals are “let in on the most private moments of people’s lives.” Listen to Thom describe what the simple question, “What is your name” can help us learn about the patient. Thom and I also discuss the importance of humility, service, and listening to essential characteristics of being a professional caregiver.

People Care Career-Friendly Practices Professional Caregiver (Amazon Link)

Thom Dick has been involved in EMS for 39 years, 23 of them as a full-time EMT and paramedic in San Diego County. He is the assistant chief for Platte Valley Ambulance Service, a community-owned, hospital-based 9-1-1 provider in Brighton, CO. Thom is a frequent contributor to EMS Magazine and Link to his archived articles. You can reach him at


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