Podcast: Interview with Thom Dick author of People Care 2nd Edition

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat I visit with Thom Dick about the 2nd edition of his classic book People Care. Thom and I have a fascinating discussion about his career in EMS from San Diego, California to Colorado. When discussing his interest in quality improvement Thom shared, “Select good people, take of them, and you can measure less.”

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People Care is intended for all healthcare providers.  We have very little training on how to care for sick people and how to take care of ourselves. People Care is meant to address both of those shortcomings and includes the ideas from 30 other people.

If you have read the 1st edition of People Care, Thom shared that some of the new topics in the 2nd edition include:

  • Death notification
  • People that are suicidal
  • Violent people
  • Pearls from wise caregivers

Thom reads several passages from the book during our conversation.

We end with Thom sharing his advice for aspiring writers. Thom shares that “every call is story.” He also encourages listeners to keep a scrap book of news clippings and photos about partners, patients, and calls.

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  1. People Care is a career changing book. The extra material in the second edition is worth getting if you own the first one. Anyone applying to an EMT class should be required to read it first.

    • Can’t agree more. The new edition is very worthwhile, most of all just because it’s available again — used editions of the first run were almost becoming impossible to come by. Everyone SHOULD read this, although I don’t know how many will understand it without at least a modicum of experience.

      Everything worthwhile I’ve ever written, beyond the merely technical, has been cribbed from Thom.


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