More Advice for Authors from Seth Godin

Noted book author and marketing expert Seth Godin wrote a post recently, Advice for Authors part 1 and 2. If you are an aspiring book author it is certainly a post worth reading.

He writes, “Blog mentions, on the other hand, matter a lot.”

He does not mention podcasts. I am not sure how much podcasts matter for authors and book sales. I can tell you that Amazon affiliate sales (through my links) of books by authors interviewed on this podcast are low. For most books my affiliate sales are probably in the single digits. A few titles have achieved low double digit sales. What I don’t know is how often a podcast plants a seed for later mention.

If you are an author do podcast appearances matter? Have they helped your sales?

If you are a podcast listener does hearing an author on this or other podcasts influence your purchasing decision?

The market for books by paramedics and EMTs is a micro niche. Maybe 10 books sold through a podcast for this niche is significant. I am not sure.

If you are looking for book ideas I added an Amazon book store recently, EMS Books for your Kindle.

Writing a Book – Series of Posts from Blogger and Author Chris Brogan

Are you aspiring to write a book about your experiences in the medical profession? Blogger and Author Chris Brogan has recently had a series of posts about writing a book. Check them out:

Writing a Book – Finding Time
Writing a Book – Discipline
Writing a Book – Structure
Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion
Writing a Book – Making Money

Chris Brogan is the author of Trust Agents (Amazon Affiliate Link)


EMS Book Marketing Ideas from Mike Cyra

On many episodes of the Medical Author Chat podcast I discuss with authors ideas and their successes for marketing their books. Many of the authors self-publish and thus take on responsibility for book marketing. Yesterday I talked with Mike Cyra, author of Emergency Laughter, and he shared these marketing ideas and tips:

1. Write a good story.

2. Have the book professionally edited.

3. Have an excellent book cover design.

4. Write a succinct and interesting book description.

5. Contract to have the book professionally formatted as an e-book.

6. Use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to connect with potential readers.

7. Do something everyday to get your name out there.

8. Print business cards to share with family, friends, co-workers, and anyone you meet. Ask them to share.

As you can see some of these tips are general book production tips. Successful marketing starts with a product you are proud of and reflects the time and effort you put into it.

What are your tips for successful marketing of a self-published book?

EMS World Interview with Lt. Michael Morse

You can read an interview with Rescuing Providence author, Lt. Michael Morse, at I thought the book was one of the best I have read, but I don’t recall it being particularly humorous … maybe some of the station pranks.

Earlier this year I interviewed Lt. Morse about Rescuing Providence.

The Write Stuff Series: Become a Published Author

EMS World Magazine has started a series of articles about how to become a published author. The sub-title says it all:

“Opportunities have never been better for potential authors”

Find the full article and the whole series at EMS World Magazine.

Publish Your Own Book of EMS Stories

Medical Author Chat podcast listeners and blog readers occasionally ask me for advice on how to get their book of EMS stories and memoirs published. Since I have not published a book myself, other than three copies of my masters of science thesis, I can’t suggest a foolproof process. Nonetheless, these are ideas that might work:

New deliveries.#ems books1. Ask published authors. At the end of each podcast episode I always ask the author/guest for their advice on becoming a published author. Ask the published authors you know. Read Seth Godin’s blog, books and check out the Domino Project.

2. Grow a tribe. You are not likely to publish a collection of EMS stories for a mass audience. Instead start growing a tribe of friends and followers through blog posts, articles, and podcasts. A tribe that has come to know your writing is more likely to buy your book than a stranger or bookstore browser.

3. Referrals and Recommendations. Ask your tribe to tell their communities about your blog, podcast, and book. Ask readers to write recommendations on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other websites where people buy books.

4. Be accessible. If you are selling books you need to be found. I regularly find books that I would like to interview authors for the Medical Author Chat podcast but I can’t find the author’s email address, web site, blog, or Facebook page. If I can’t find you I can’t help publicize your book.

5. Attract Attention. Do things that will attract attention. In his book, Attention: this book will make you money, online marketing expert Jim Kukral shares ideas and techniques to attract attention and increase sales at little or no cost. His enthusiasm is infectious and his ideas are actionable.

Are you trying to publish your own collection of EMS stories?