Podcast: Interview with Linda Willing about On the Line

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to retired Firefighter and Fire Officer Linda Willing about On the Line: Women Firefighters Tell Their Stories. In our conversation Linda tells us about her career in the fire service and current work as a fire department consultant and trainer. As a co-founder of the organization “Women in the Fire Service” Linda has always had an interest in telling the stories of women firefighters.

On the Line was created from more than 80 interviews that Linda conducted in early 2011. She use her professional network and social networks to recruit women firefighters, many of whom she has never met face to face, to tell their stories. The interviews in On the Line are thematically arranged and tell the stories in the interviewees own words.

At the end of the conversation we talk about Linda’s advice for aspiring writers, how she conducted the interviews, and her hopes for who reads the book. She shares that the book is for anyone with an interest in emergency services, but she especially wants “young women that are considering a career in the fire service” to read On the Line.

Linda is available for speaking events and training. Connect with her at Real World Training.

Podcast: Interview with Todd Baker about Baghdad E.R.

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I speak with Dr. Todd Baker about his experience as an emergency physician at the 82nd Combat Support Hospital in Iraq that he chronicled in his book Baghdad E.R.: 15 Minutes.

In our conversation we discuss Dr. Baker’s background in medicine, how he ended up deploying to Iraq, and his ongoing involvement in emergency medicine in Branson, Missouri. We also learned about Dr. Baker’s involvement in an episode of Untold Stories of the ER on TLC which you can watch on March 14, 2012.

At the end of the episode Dr. Baker shares his advice for aspiring authors. His encouragement is simple, “Go for it!” He believes we all have stories to tell.

10% of sales from Baghdad E.R. will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Connect with Dr. Baker at BaghdadER.com or email him at toobaker at baghdader dot com

Podcast: Interview with CB Garris about Member of the Service

CB Garris author of MOSIn this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I speak with paramedic and author C.B. Garris about his book Member of the Service.

C.B. began his EMS career in high school and worked in New York City EMS which eventually became FDNY EMS. M.O.S. was inspired by the events of 9/11 and the media coverage of the aftermath which gave little attention to EMTs and Paramedics.

M.O.S. was written in a 2 month span and C.B. explains that the book “poured out his head” as he aimed to give a face and name to the people of EMS. In our discussion learn more about the book and how it was written.

Like all episode of the Medical Author Chat C.B. shares advice for aspiring authors. He explains that we all have “something to offer” and to “do it” without hesitation. We wrap up with some real specific tips.

Connect with C.B. at C.B.Garris.com

Podcast: Interview with Benjamin Luft MD about We’re Not Leaving

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat Podcast I talk with Dr. Benjamin Luft about the book, Were Not Leaving: 9/11 Responders Tell Their Stories of Courage, Sacrifice and Renewal.(Amazon Affiliate Link)

The book is a compilation of oral histories from 9/11 responders collected through the World Trade Center health program of Long Island. Dr. Luft discusses the creation and purpose of the program to care for the medical, mental, and social health needs of 6,000 9/11 first responders. We discussed his early understanding that responders were at risk and then over time that they were being defined by their medical problems and not their heroic actions on 9/11 and the following weeks and months of searching for survivors.

The book is from interviews that have already been conducted with more than 150 responders. Each interview is the own words or voice of the responder. The 911RespondersRemember.org project aims to collect 911 oral histories from responders in every congressional district. To find out more or be considered call Sonia at 631-855-1200.

Visit 911RespondersRemember.org where you will find links to the book, movie, and community discussed in this episode. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to a scholarship fund for the children of responders.



Podcast: Interview with Lisa Carney Author of Cowboy in the City

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat retired firefighter/paramedic Lisa Carney tells us about her novel Cowboy in the City.

Lisa began her EMS career in 1992 as an EMT. She continued her education, eventually becoming a firefighter/paramedic, and had a career position that was cut short by an injury. She always thought about writing about her experience, but it wasn’t until her forced retirement that she began her book.

Lisa describes Cowboy in the City as a tribute to EMS that highlights the positives, the quality people, and how EMS changed over the years. She also describes it as a “coming of age” story that EMS professionals anywhere will identify with.

We had a great discussion of how Lisa self-published and has been able to successfully market the book with social media tools like Facebook. She also attributes reviews in JEMS Magazine and EMSWorld.com as being important to her success.

Finally, Lisa has heard from lots of readers that Cowboy in the City is great for helping non-EMS significant others understand the allure and reward of EMS. Share Cowboy in the City with friends and family to help them understand why you are part of EMS.

Show notes:
Cowboy in the City on Facebook
EMS World Q and A with Lisa Carney

Podcast: Interview with Tawnya Silloway Author of the Line of Duty Death Handbook

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to EMT Tawnya Silloway about the Line of Duty Death Handbook. Tawnya organized and wrote the handbook after she became involved in the National EMS Memorial Service and was unable to find an EMS specific resource on planning for and managing a line of duty death (LODD). A primary emphasis of the handbook is keeping the patient’s family involved. During the writing process Tawnya discusses the importance of involving other people from allied agencies to learn from their experiences and resources to create a well-rounded handbook. Tawnya is contemplating an addendum or 2nd edition that will discuss the formation and role of an EMS Honor Guard.

We also discussed Tawnya’s involvement in the Sentinmental Journey program for hospice patients.

Tawnya’s efforts were recognized with an EMS 10 Award for 2011. Read her award profile.

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Note and apology to listeners: I accidentally recorded my end of the audio with my webcam microphone and not my headset microphone. I apologize for the background noise. I thought I was muting my microphone but I was only muting the headset microphone. 

Podcast: Interview with Russ Reina Author of Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic … a healer’s rebirth

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat Podcast I interview the author of a Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic ... a healers rebirth Russ Reina. We discuss Russ’ start in EMS in the 1970s, his career as a paramedic in Florida and California, and how EMS “exposed him to more things about life and living than he could have imagined.” His exploration of healing arts continued after he EMS career concluded.

The book is a non-fiction account of his own experience. Russ comments that he “writes because I have to.” He started taking notes as a field medic and the book has evolved over the last twenty-five years until its recent publication. We discuss some of the themes of the book including the balance between life and death that paramedics witness and can sometimes alter.

Like all episodes we conclude with the author’s advice for aspiring authors. Russ emphatically encourages you to “START” writing and to “not give up on meaningful themes.”

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Podcast: Interview with Mike Cyra Author of Emergency Laughter

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast author Mike Cyra talks about his new book Emergency Laughter. Mike started in EMS in 1980 has worked in a wide variety of EMS and healthcare capacities. He remains active in his local CERT and teaching first aid and CPR.

During our conversation Mike discusses his inspiration to write a book more than 10 years ago and finally finding the time and inspiration to finish the book recently. Mike wanted to concentrate on the humorous side of EMS. We also discuss the writing process, working with a writers’ group and writers.com, and the advantages of self-publishing.

Mike shares his passion for personal and community preparedness and also the lessons he has learned about book marketing.

Show links:

Emergency Laughter website

email Mike at MedicalHumor@earthlink.net

Podcast: Interview with Barry Bachenheimer author of Please Don’t Dance in My Ambulance

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast author, EMT, and educator Barry Bachenheimer talks about his book Please Dont Dance in My Ambulance. Barry has been involved in EMS in New Jersey and New York for more than 20 years. He has also been a school teacher and is working on completing his PhD dissertation.

During our conversation we discuss factors that make a good children’s book, Barry’s advice for aspiring writers, and the EMS Week 2011 theme of Everyday EMS heroes.

Show links:

Facebook page for Please Don’t Dance in my Ambulance

Shakespeare is Less Tragic with EMS Care


Podcast: Interview with Stories from The E.R. Loading Dock author Eric Liddy

Listen to this interview with Eric Liddy about his book The E.R. Loading Dock: Real EMS Stories from Around the World.

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