What we are reading at EMS Manager Part 3

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I asked the EMS Manager staff to share the books they are reading (note many of the links below are Amazon affiliate links).

Ericka Hawkins, Senior Sales Executive

I read “A Rumor of War” by Philip Caputo. It is a raw and moving account of his time in Vietnam. He was shipped to Da Nang and was with the first ground combat unit deployed to Vietnam. It’s one of the best books I have read that account for the indifference that war can create and smash the idealism that men may have when enlisting. It brings you inside a man who battled on the front lines and endured the psychological warfare that can darken even the just of heart. It’s not just an account of war or a journalist review of historical facts, it a heartfelt evolution of a man in war.

I am currently taking another crack at reading “Hot, Flat, & Crowded” by Thomas Friedman. He is one of my favorite authors and Op-Ed columnist for the NY Times. It’s a gripping plea to get us to change our outlook and policies on the destabilizing climate change and rising competition for energy. This book reinforces one of the reasons I am proud to work for Aladtec. Bringing services to the cloud can drastically decrease the amount of paper used in their daily operations. I like to tell my clients and prospects that I am helping them go green and saving the world one tree at a time. It gets a good laugh but it is VERY true. We help save unbelievable amounts of paper and ink through our services. Along with gas, as members can access their schedule from anywhere rather than having to make a drive in to do anything. I love it!

What are you reading? Do your reading interests reflect your personal convictions? 

Free Book Friday: Paramedic On the Jobs in the Headlines

Paramedic On the Jobs in the Headlines (Amazon link), the 2nd book from paramedic and author George Steffensen is available for free download for Amazon Prime subscribers.

The book description from Amazon.com:

Paramedic Steffensen 24 years on the streets gives you his first hand accounts of calls that made the headlines. Steffensen a retired N.Y.C. medic currently working in Baton Rouge will bring you onto the scenes of these major events. The World Trade Center 9/11/01, Helicoper down in East River, Murder at City Hall, Hurricane Gustav along with other events which made the headlines.

George is also the author of Buff to Burnt (my review) and a previous guest on the Medical Author Chat podcast.

Amazon pricing is always subject to change. Confirm before making your purchase. 

Book Reviews for the EMS Reader

Check out these book reviews that might be of interest to the EMS reader:

EMS Book Review: “Paramedic to the Prince” by Patrick (Tom) Notestine on the EduMedic Blog

E Book Review: The Missing Semester Your Financial Choices Have Consequences written by Firefighters for Fire/EMS professionals on the Firegeezer Blog

E Book Review: Running Ahead of the Sun a chronicle of training for a 2011 marathon on my Everyday Runner Tips blog

Find these and other titles in the Medical Author Chat bookstore

Book: 2 Weeks a Year? Finding Humor while deployed to Iraq

While aimlessly browsing through the books available in the Kindle owner’s lending library I found 2 Weeks a Year?. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

The cover photo, of a soldier in front of an Army ambulance, caught my eye. After reading the free preview I learned the author, Trent Cherin, was a combat medic deployed to Iraq. I am now quickly reading through SSG Cherin’s stories that were originally written for friends and family. I am enjoying his first person account and looking forward to reading the complete book.

The sub-genre of Iraq war EMS literature is one of my favorites. Other books I have read include:

What other titles should I read in this genre?

Podcast: Interview with Clifton Castleman about the Wilderness First Aid Guide

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to Clif Castleman, WEMT, about The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid. We discuss his background as an Eagle Scout, American Red Cross instructor, volunteer EMT, and degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management from Penn State University. Clif is a founder of the Center for Wilderness Safety and also works as a safety ranger with the National Park Service in Virginia.

The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid is a compact book meant to fit in a first aid kit and be accessible and easy to understand by the reader. The book and the Wilderness First Aid course are used by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, SAR professionals, Sierra Club leaders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We also discuss Clif’s process for writing the book and his experience publishing with Lulu.com.

Buy the book, take a course, and learn more from any of these links:
WildSafe.org – Center for Wilderness Safety




Tips from Seth Godin on How to Be Interviewed

6 Great Tips from Seth Godin on How to Be Interviewed

Because of the Medical Author Chat and EMSEduCast podcasts I am fortunate and get to ask people lots of questions. I am often asked for the questions I plan to ask. For me I can prepare for a discussion in generalities but have a hard time committing to specific questions because I am not sure what direction I will want to go as I learn from and listen to the interviewee.

For a Medical Author Chat guest in general I want to learn:

1) about the author

2) about the book

3) why the author wrote the book

4) what impact writing the book had on the author

5) the author’s tips and advice for other aspiring writers

What questions do you want me to ask?

Also I need your book and author recommendations for future episodes. Thanks!

Podcast: Interview with Found Wanting author Sean Fitzmorris

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk with author Sean Fitzmorris about his book Found Wanting. Sean is a paramedic and nurse. He has worked as an EMT or paramedic since 1991 in private and public EMS systems in New Orleans. He is currently an ICU nurse and has also worked as an Emergency Department RN.

Found Wanting is a fictional story loosely based on Sean’s experiences. Found Wanting started as a series of blog posts that readers encouraged Sean to bring together as a book which is about a serial killer murdering his patients.

During our conversation Sean explains his process for Found Wanting, how it grew out of a series of blog posts, and how he has used social media tools to market and sell the book. Sean’s advice for aspiring writers included a shout out to the excellent book En Route, making your work “readable so anyone can enjoy it,” and “write what you know about things that actually happened.”

Found Wanting is available from Lulu.com, Amazon, and other online book sellers.

Show Links:

New Release: Fixing Your Feet, 5th edition

Foot Blisters and WoundsThe 5th edition of the John Vonhof’s Fixing Your Feet has just been released. John is an expert in foot care and repair for runners, ultra runners, and adventure racers. John is also a paramedic and works for the Alameda County California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

I had the chance to do lots of foot care when I was on the medical staff for the PrimalQuest adventure race. Our medical team used lots of techniques that team members had learned working side by side with John at other adventure races.

You can find lots of great articles and photos of really bad feet on John’s Fixing Your Feet Blog.

Podcast: Interview with Living and Dying with Dignity author Jennifer Jilks

On this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk to retired teacher and hospice volunteer about her book Living and Dying with Dignity: A Daughters Journey Through Long-Term Care

The book is a combination of Jennifer’s biographical journey as a daughter caring for her two ailing parents and the switch from adult child to caregiver. It is also a compilation of lessons learned about death and dying and sharing resources related to palliative care. Jennifer wrote the book from the point of view as a teacher.

We finish the conversation with a discussion about the difficulty getting published and how Jennifer used a co-publishing strategy to bring her book to fruition. You can connect with Jennifer on the many blogs she writes:

The book ‘blog’ is simply excerpts: http://livinganddyingwithdignity.blogspot.com/
Ontario Seniors: http://ontarioseniors.blogspot.com/
Thank your teachers: http://thankyourteachers.blogspot.com/
Reflections from Cottage Country: http://mymuskoka.blogspot.com/

Podcast: Interview with Rescuing Providence author Michael Morse

Listen to this interview with Michael Morse author of Rescuing Providence. Michael and I had a great conversation about how he got started in the Providence, Rhode Island Fire Department as a firefighter. When he was detailed to a rescue (ambulance) he realized he had “missed his calling” and stayed full time in EMS. Michael holds a certification as an EMT-Cardiac (similar to EMT Intermediate).

Michael has always had an interest and “knack” for writing. When he started working the Rescue he was bombarded by the stories of the people he served. Rescuing Providence is a study of the people of Providence. The book is based on his notes from a single 34 hour tour and the patients he encountered on that shift.

Michael and I also talked about:

  • His process of writing Rescuing Providence
  • The big risk he took to publish the book
  • Support from his employer and co-workers for the book
  • His love for blogging, www.rescuingprovidence.com
  • Advice for aspiring authors

Michael has already written a second book, Night and Day, and is looking for a publisher.

Connect with Michael at his blog, www.rescuingprovidence.com, or email mmorsepfd@aol.com