Write a Book by Blogging the Book Content

Someday I am hoping to write a book. My planned technique is to write the book as a series of blog posts and then bundle those posts into an ebook for the Kindle. Obviously this idea is not unique, but it sure seems sensible.

Recently I listened to this podcast with Nina Amir about her book, How to Blog a Book.

Sounds like a good book for me read as a I prepare to blog my own book.

Podcast: Interview with Linda Willing about On the Line

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to retired Firefighter and Fire Officer Linda Willing about On the Line: Women Firefighters Tell Their Stories. In our conversation Linda tells us about her career in the fire service and current work as a fire department consultant and trainer. As a co-founder of the organization “Women in the Fire Service” Linda has always had an interest in telling the stories of women firefighters.

On the Line was created from more than 80 interviews that Linda conducted in early 2011. She use her professional network and social networks to recruit women firefighters, many of whom she has never met face to face, to tell their stories. The interviews in On the Line are thematically arranged and tell the stories in the interviewees own words.

At the end of the conversation we talk about Linda’s advice for aspiring writers, how she conducted the interviews, and her hopes for who reads the book. She shares that the book is for anyone with an interest in emergency services, but she especially wants “young women that are considering a career in the fire service” to read On the Line.

Linda is available for speaking events and training. Connect with her at Real World Training.

Podcast: Interview with CB Garris about Member of the Service

CB Garris author of MOSIn this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I speak with paramedic and author C.B. Garris about his book Member of the Service.

C.B. began his EMS career in high school and worked in New York City EMS which eventually became FDNY EMS. M.O.S. was inspired by the events of 9/11 and the media coverage of the aftermath which gave little attention to EMTs and Paramedics.

M.O.S. was written in a 2 month span and C.B. explains that the book “poured out his head” as he aimed to give a face and name to the people of EMS. In our discussion learn more about the book and how it was written.

Like all episode of the Medical Author Chat C.B. shares advice for aspiring authors. He explains that we all have “something to offer” and to “do it” without hesitation. We wrap up with some real specific tips.

Connect with C.B. at C.B.Garris.com

Writing a Book – Series of Posts from Blogger and Author Chris Brogan

Are you aspiring to write a book about your experiences in the medical profession? Blogger and Author Chris Brogan has recently had a series of posts about writing a book. Check them out:

Writing a Book – Finding Time
Writing a Book – Discipline
Writing a Book – Structure
Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion
Writing a Book – Making Money

Chris Brogan is the author of Trust Agents (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Tips from Seth Godin on How to Be Interviewed

6 Great Tips from Seth Godin on How to Be Interviewed

Because of the Medical Author Chat and EMSEduCast podcasts I am fortunate and get to ask people lots of questions. I am often asked for the questions I plan to ask. For me I can prepare for a discussion in generalities but have a hard time committing to specific questions because I am not sure what direction I will want to go as I learn from and listen to the interviewee.

For a Medical Author Chat guest in general I want to learn:

1) about the author

2) about the book

3) why the author wrote the book

4) what impact writing the book had on the author

5) the author’s tips and advice for other aspiring writers

What questions do you want me to ask?

Also I need your book and author recommendations for future episodes. Thanks!

Podcast: Interview with Living and Dying with Dignity author Jennifer Jilks

On this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk to retired teacher and hospice volunteer about her book Living and Dying with Dignity: A Daughters Journey Through Long-Term Care

The book is a combination of Jennifer’s biographical journey as a daughter caring for her two ailing parents and the switch from adult child to caregiver. It is also a compilation of lessons learned about death and dying and sharing resources related to palliative care. Jennifer wrote the book from the point of view as a teacher.

We finish the conversation with a discussion about the difficulty getting published and how Jennifer used a co-publishing strategy to bring her book to fruition. You can connect with Jennifer on the many blogs she writes:

The book ‘blog’ is simply excerpts: http://livinganddyingwithdignity.blogspot.com/
Ontario Seniors: http://ontarioseniors.blogspot.com/
Thank your teachers: http://thankyourteachers.blogspot.com/
Reflections from Cottage Country: http://mymuskoka.blogspot.com/

The Write Stuff Series: Become a Published Author

EMS World Magazine has started a series of articles about how to become a published author. The sub-title says it all:

“Opportunities have never been better for potential authors”

Find the full article and the whole series at EMS World Magazine.