Podcast: Interview with Perry Prete author of All Good Things

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk with Paramedic and author Perry Prete about his novel, All Good Things a novel (amazon affiliate link). Perry has been a paramedic since 1982 in Ontario and also owns Sands Medical Supply. Perry overviews the plot of All Good Things (murder/sieral killer crime fiction), his writing process, and the positive feedback he has received on the book so far.

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Perry comments that the book has been a “good way to share with the public what paramedics do.” All the calls/jobs in the book are based on reality and the calls Perry has worked in his career.

All Good Things is published by General Store Publishing and Perry praises the support he has received during the writing/editing process and book marketing. All Good Things is being well received by a non-EMS audience as well as paramedics.

We conclude the episode with Perry’s advice for aspiring paramedic authors. He states, “Just start! Anyway you can start writing. If you have it in you it will be hard to stop.”

The main characters of All Good Things, Ethan and Tom, will reappear in a forthcoming second book, The More Things Change, and Perry already has a second book in progress.


Book Announcement: All Good Things by Paramedic Perry Prete

Paramedic Perry Prete wrote me that his first novel, All Good Things¬†(Amazon affiliate link) has been published. The book is about a paramedic “embroiled in a series of murders” (book description from¬†http://openbookontario.com/news/dirty_dozen_perry_prete).

If you read All Good Things make sure you leaving a rating and review for Perry on Amazon. I am sure he would appreciate it.

Listen to the Medical Author Chat episode with Perry Prete.