Podcast: Interview with Thom Dick author of People Care 2nd Edition

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat I visit with Thom Dick about the 2nd edition of his classic book People Care. Thom and I have a fascinating discussion about his career in EMS from San Diego, California to Colorado. When discussing his interest in quality improvement Thom shared, “Select good people, take of them, and you can measure less.”

Purchase the 2nd edition of People Care from EmergencyStuff.com

People Care is intended for all healthcare providers.  We have very little training on how to care for sick people and how to take care of ourselves. People Care is meant to address both of those shortcomings and includes the ideas from 30 other people.

If you have read the 1st edition of People Care, Thom shared that some of the new topics in the 2nd edition include:

  • Death notification
  • People that are suicidal
  • Violent people
  • Pearls from wise caregivers

Thom reads several passages from the book during our conversation.

We end with Thom sharing his advice for aspiring writers. Thom shares that “every call is story.” He also encourages listeners to keep a scrap book of news clippings and photos about partners, patients, and calls.

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Book Review: Ambulance Girl

The EduMedic continues his effort to read and review an EMS related book each month in 2012 with a review of Ambulance Girl: How I Saved Myself by Becoming an EMT.

E-Book: Self-Reliance from the Domino Project and Other News

The Domino Project is releasing a new adaptation of the Ralph Waldo Emerson essay, Self-Reliance. This is the third free Kindle release from the Domino Project in the last couple of months. Previously I was able to download Poke the Box and Do the Work.

Other News

With two business trips this month I have been able to get lots of reading done. In addition to Do the Work, I have also finished Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic,  To the Rescue: Stories from Healthcare Workers at the Scenes of Disasters, 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake, and Run!: 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss.

These days I am doing about half of my pleasure reading on the Kindle Android app. I actually enjoy reading on the small phone screen and quickly swiping through the pages.

What are your reading now? Share your book recommendations with other readers. Thanks!

Podcast: Interview with Mike Cyra Author of Emergency Laughter

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast author Mike Cyra talks about his new book Emergency Laughter. Mike started in EMS in 1980 has worked in a wide variety of EMS and healthcare capacities. He remains active in his local CERT and teaching first aid and CPR.

During our conversation Mike discusses his inspiration to write a book more than 10 years ago and finally finding the time and inspiration to finish the book recently. Mike wanted to concentrate on the humorous side of EMS. We also discuss the writing process, working with a writers’ group and writers.com, and the advantages of self-publishing.

Mike shares his passion for personal and community preparedness and also the lessons he has learned about book marketing.

Show links:

Emergency Laughter website

email Mike at MedicalHumor@earthlink.net

Podcast: Interview with Barry Bachenheimer author of Please Don’t Dance in My Ambulance

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast author, EMT, and educator Barry Bachenheimer talks about his book Please Dont Dance in My Ambulance. Barry has been involved in EMS in New Jersey and New York for more than 20 years. He has also been a school teacher and is working on completing his PhD dissertation.

During our conversation we discuss factors that make a good children’s book, Barry’s advice for aspiring writers, and the EMS Week 2011 theme of Everyday EMS heroes.

Show links:

Facebook page for Please Don’t Dance in my Ambulance

Shakespeare is Less Tragic with EMS Care


Podcast: Interview with Rescuing Providence author Michael Morse

Listen to this interview with Michael Morse author of Rescuing Providence. Michael and I had a great conversation about how he got started in the Providence, Rhode Island Fire Department as a firefighter. When he was detailed to a rescue (ambulance) he realized he had “missed his calling” and stayed full time in EMS. Michael holds a certification as an EMT-Cardiac (similar to EMT Intermediate).

Michael has always had an interest and “knack” for writing. When he started working the Rescue he was bombarded by the stories of the people he served. Rescuing Providence is a study of the people of Providence. The book is based on his notes from a single 34 hour tour and the patients he encountered on that shift.

Michael and I also talked about:

  • His process of writing Rescuing Providence
  • The big risk he took to publish the book
  • Support from his employer and co-workers for the book
  • His love for blogging, www.rescuingprovidence.com
  • Advice for aspiring authors

Michael has already written a second book, Night and Day, and is looking for a publisher.

Connect with Michael at his blog, www.rescuingprovidence.com, or email mmorsepfd@aol.com

New Arrivals: Rescuing Providence and Flesh Mechanic

I just received two new books from EMS authors. Rescuing Providence is from Lt. Michael Morse. Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic ... a Healer's Rebirth is from Russ Reina.

I am scheduling Medical Author Chat interviews with both authors in 2011. Have you read either book? If you have and would like me to link to your review or publish your review here let me know.

New deliveries.#ems books