Podcast: Interview with Robyn Benincasa author of How Winning Works

On this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk with Firefighter/EMT Robyn Benincasa about her book How Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on Earth (Amazon affiliate link).

Robyn has been a Firefighter/EMT with the San Diego fire department for the past 15 years. She left a successful pharmaceutical sales career for the fire service. Robyn has always been a competitive athlete, but has found great success as an adventure racer. Since 1994 she has competed in the most difficult, longest, and remote adventure races on earth. She is also a professional speaker and delivers keynote addresses to more than 50 events per year.

Robyn discusses the book, explains the acronym for TEAMWORK, and shares her tips for successful writing. Robyn has founded a non-profit foundation, Project Athena, to provide adventures for survivors.

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Book Review: You Called 9-1-1 for What?

In the new Kindle ebook  You Called 9-1-1 for What? (amazon affiliate link) Dave Konig an experienced New York City EMT writes a quick and entertaining look at the 911 system that serves the United States. A brief history of the system’s design and development is interspersed with transcripts from actual 911 calls. As a paramedic I was amused but not surprised by the myriad of absurd reasons citizens call 911. Lay readers (people that are not paramedics, firefighters, or police officers) will have an increased appreciation for the tedium and emotional drain that comes from interacting with the not so bright among us.

EMS and fire readers will probably find more information and value in Dave’s book Official Guide to Blogging for EMS.

Read another review of You Called 9-1-1 for What? on the EduMedic blog.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of You Called 9-1-1 for What? from the author.

Book Reviews for the EMS Reader

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Podcast: Interview with Linda Willing about On the Line

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to retired Firefighter and Fire Officer Linda Willing about On the Line: Women Firefighters Tell Their Stories. In our conversation Linda tells us about her career in the fire service and current work as a fire department consultant and trainer. As a co-founder of the organization “Women in the Fire Service” Linda has always had an interest in telling the stories of women firefighters.

On the Line was created from more than 80 interviews that Linda conducted in early 2011. She use her professional network and social networks to recruit women firefighters, many of whom she has never met face to face, to tell their stories. The interviews in On the Line are thematically arranged and tell the stories in the interviewees own words.

At the end of the conversation we talk about Linda’s advice for aspiring writers, how she conducted the interviews, and her hopes for who reads the book. She shares that the book is for anyone with an interest in emergency services, but she especially wants “young women that are considering a career in the fire service” to read On the Line.

Linda is available for speaking events and training. Connect with her at Real World Training.

Podcast: Interview with Lisa Carney Author of Cowboy in the City

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat retired firefighter/paramedic Lisa Carney tells us about her novel Cowboy in the City.

Lisa began her EMS career in 1992 as an EMT. She continued her education, eventually becoming a firefighter/paramedic, and had a career position that was cut short by an injury. She always thought about writing about her experience, but it wasn’t until her forced retirement that she began her book.

Lisa describes Cowboy in the City as a tribute to EMS that highlights the positives, the quality people, and how EMS changed over the years. She also describes it as a “coming of age” story that EMS professionals anywhere will identify with.

We had a great discussion of how Lisa self-published and has been able to successfully market the book with social media tools like Facebook. She also attributes reviews in JEMS Magazine and EMSWorld.com as being important to her success.

Finally, Lisa has heard from lots of readers that Cowboy in the City is great for helping non-EMS significant others understand the allure and reward of EMS. Share Cowboy in the City with friends and family to help them understand why you are part of EMS.

Show notes:
Cowboy in the City on Facebook
EMS World Q and A with Lisa Carney

Podcast: Interview with Triumph, Tragedy, and Tedium author Barry Makrewicz

Conversation with Firefighter/Paramedic Barry Makrewicz about the book he co-authored Triumph, Tragedy and Tedium: Stories of a Salt Lake City Paramedic/Firefighter, the Sugar House YearsDuring our conversation I learn about how Barry became a firefighter and his path to becoming a paramedic. His goal for the book was to the show the variety of calls a paramedic responds to and write a book about the firefighter/paramedic career that would be interesting to lay people. We also discuss the process of writing the book as a team project with his wife, Laura. Barry also shared advice, based on his experience, about writing a book, publishing, and marketing.




Podcast: Interview with And a Paycheck Too Author Will Wyatt

This episode features veteran Firefighter Will Wyatt, author of the book And a Paycheck Too: Just Another Day at the Office for a Veteran Firefighter.

During the episode Will describes his inspiration to join the fire service was watching the television show Emergency! He explains that he never had an interest in EMS but a year into his career needed to become an EMT. Ever since EMS has been the majority of what he does as a firefighter.

Will was inspired to write the book to help the “average American understand what Fire and EMS professionals do in a typical day.” He went to great pains to make the book enjoyable to the public – not just insiders. He explains that life as a firefighter is a “roller coaster.”

The book is a mix of humorous stories and reflections on the fire services. He also shares one of the emotionally charged situations of his career that is told in the book.

Will wrote the book over a three month period. He usually wrote in the morning. He did not keep a journal during his career, but wishes he had. Will advises listeners to start taking notes for a few months before starting the writing process. He also encourages aspiring authors to sit in on firehouse story sessions to remember some of the other memorable moments of their career that might not be top of mind.

And a Paycheck was self published with Brown Publishing Group and is available for order through AndaPaycheckToo.com.

Show Notes: