Podcast: Interview with Matthew Sias Author of Silent Siren

This episode of the Medical Author was with Matthew Sias, author of Silent Siren: Memoirs of a Life-saving Mortician (Amazon link).

Matthew started in Fire and EMS as an explorer with the Bainbridge Island Fire  Department 1989. He went on to become and EMT and a paramedic, including training in the King County Medic 1 program. Matthew, currently a paramedic with Central Skagit Medic 1, has also been a reserve police officer, coroner, mortician, and death investigator.

During the conversation Matthew shares that most of the book is about his paramedic experience, but that he weaves in his different roles. Co-host, Brian Lilley, asked Matt to read several passages of the book about Matthew’s different roles.

Matthew shares his process for writing the book and that it was a project he felt that was always in him. The writing process took about three years. Silent Siren is self published.

We conclude the episode with Matthew’s advice for aspiring authors. He encouraged writers to “look for deeper meaning of their experiences.” Matthew shared some of his favorite EMS authors, including George Steffensen, Peter Canning, and Kelly Grayson (links are to episodes of the Medical Author Chat with these authors).

Silent Siren is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Create Space, and his website.

Free Book Friday: Paramedic On the Jobs in the Headlines

Paramedic On the Jobs in the Headlines (Amazon link), the 2nd book from paramedic and author George Steffensen is available for free download for Amazon Prime subscribers.

The book description from Amazon.com:

Paramedic Steffensen 24 years on the streets gives you his first hand accounts of calls that made the headlines. Steffensen a retired N.Y.C. medic currently working in Baton Rouge will bring you onto the scenes of these major events. The World Trade Center 9/11/01, Helicoper down in East River, Murder at City Hall, Hurricane Gustav along with other events which made the headlines.

George is also the author of Buff to Burnt (my review) and a previous guest on the Medical Author Chat podcast.

Amazon pricing is always subject to change. Confirm before making your purchase. 

Review: Paramedic Buff to Burnt

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Also you can listen to my December, 2010 conversation with George in the Medical Author Chat archives.

George was also featured recently as an Everyday EMS Athlete.

Podcast: Interview with Paramedic Buff to Burnt author George Steffensen

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