Podcast: Interview with Tawnya Silloway Author of the Line of Duty Death Handbook

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to EMT Tawnya Silloway about the Line of Duty Death Handbook. Tawnya organized and wrote the handbook after she became involved in the National EMS Memorial Service and was unable to find an EMS specific resource on planning for and managing a line of duty death (LODD). A primary emphasis of the handbook is keeping the patient’s family involved. During the writing process Tawnya discusses the importance of involving other people from allied agencies to learn from their experiences and resources to create a well-rounded handbook. Tawnya is contemplating an addendum or 2nd edition that will discuss the formation and role of an EMS Honor Guard.

We also discussed Tawnya’s involvement in the Sentinmental Journey program for hospice patients.

Tawnya’s efforts were recognized with an EMS 10 Award for 2011. Read her award profile.

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Note and apology to listeners: I accidentally recorded my end of the audio with my webcam microphone and not my headset microphone. I apologize for the background noise. I thought I was muting my microphone but I was only muting the headset microphone. 

Podcast: Interview with Living and Dying with Dignity author Jennifer Jilks

On this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk to retired teacher and hospice volunteer about her book Living and Dying with Dignity: A Daughters Journey Through Long-Term Care

The book is a combination of Jennifer’s biographical journey as a daughter caring for her two ailing parents and the switch from adult child to caregiver. It is also a compilation of lessons learned about death and dying and sharing resources related to palliative care. Jennifer wrote the book from the point of view as a teacher.

We finish the conversation with a discussion about the difficulty getting published and how Jennifer used a co-publishing strategy to bring her book to fruition. You can connect with Jennifer on the many blogs she writes:

The book ‘blog’ is simply excerpts: http://livinganddyingwithdignity.blogspot.com/
Ontario Seniors: http://ontarioseniors.blogspot.com/
Thank your teachers: http://thankyourteachers.blogspot.com/
Reflections from Cottage Country: http://mymuskoka.blogspot.com/