What we are Reading at EMS Manager Part 2

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I asked the EMS Manager staff to share the books they are reading (note many of the links below are Amazon affiliate links).

Jaimie Hammond, Sales Executive

I recently finished Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. I chose this title because I misplaced my eReader, so I needed a physical book – and I had gotten rid of almost all my physical books except the ones by Joyce. And, since I was in the mood for an easier read, it was a clear choice.

I am starting to read through all of the Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie. The digital versions on my Nook. I love classic novels, I like mysteries….and, since there are 33 novels, saves me from having to choose a new book for awhile

About a year ago I read through L Frank Baum’s ‘Aunt Jane Nieces’ series (he’s better known for the Wizard of Oz, but these books were on the list of books to read before you die). In one of the books, “Aunt Janes Nieces in the Red Cross“, they all get involved in providing medical care during the war. It is a teen novel, but still a pretty decent read depicting war time care. Read a digital version.

About a year and a half ago I read Summer of Fire by Linda Jacobs which is about firefighters fighting fires in Yellowstone. I read it because it was free on my Nook, but it was a page turner, even though average literary value.

Mellissa Dahl, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

I am currently reading: You Called 9-1-1 for What? by Dave Konig. I’m reading it on my iPhone and iPad via the Kindle app. It’s a fun, quick read that I can turn to while waiting in line, waiting for my kids, or as The Stones would say, while Waiting On a Friend. Each chapter is it’s own little story which is perfect for all the waiting around I seem to do.

On a serious note, it takes a look at the history of 9-1-1 and on a humorous note it shares idiotic reasons people have called 9-1-1. And the price is right…only 99 cents from Amazon.com!

The last book I read was Life With My Grandparents by Erling Dahl – My DAD! I recently re-read it as he passed away last year and it brings back fond memories of all the stories he told us about his life when he was young and living with his Norwegian speaking grandparents after his Mom died. It’s nice to have them in writing.

My favorite EMS book is Population 485 – Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time by Michael Perry. It’s a true story of how he returns to live in his home town which has a population of 485 interesting characters. He joins the volunteer fire and rescue department and this book tells the tales of the other volunteers and takes the reader on some great runs. Not only is it a great, heartwarming read, but it’s about a town near where I grew up and I know the author so I can truthfully, and reliably, say he’s “One of the Good Guys”…I highly recommend his other books too! They are all available at www.sneezingcow.com or Amazon of course…on paper or digitally.

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Author Interview: Paramedic Bob Holdsworth on WGN Radio

Bob Holdsworth, author of Wading into the Chaos (Amazon link), was interviewed on WGN Radio.

It is a great interview with Bob, tribute to emergency medical services, and a fine example of podcast hosting for me to strive towards.

Listen to the WGN Radio interview with Bob Holdsworth

Podcast: Interview with Perry Prete author of All Good Things

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk with Paramedic and author Perry Prete about his novel, All Good Things a novel (amazon affiliate link). Perry has been a paramedic since 1982 in Ontario and also owns Sands Medical Supply. Perry overviews the plot of All Good Things (murder/sieral killer crime fiction), his writing process, and the positive feedback he has received on the book so far.

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Perry comments that the book has been a “good way to share with the public what paramedics do.” All the calls/jobs in the book are based on reality and the calls Perry has worked in his career.

All Good Things is published by General Store Publishing and Perry praises the support he has received during the writing/editing process and book marketing. All Good Things is being well received by a non-EMS audience as well as paramedics.

We conclude the episode with Perry’s advice for aspiring paramedic authors. He states, “Just start! Anyway you can start writing. If you have it in you it will be hard to stop.”

The main characters of All Good Things, Ethan and Tom, will reappear in a forthcoming second book, The More Things Change, and Perry already has a second book in progress.


Tips from Seth Godin on How to Be Interviewed

6 Great Tips from Seth Godin on How to Be Interviewed

Because of the Medical Author Chat and EMSEduCast podcasts I am fortunate and get to ask people lots of questions. I am often asked for the questions I plan to ask. For me I can prepare for a discussion in generalities but have a hard time committing to specific questions because I am not sure what direction I will want to go as I learn from and listen to the interviewee.

For a Medical Author Chat guest in general I want to learn:

1) about the author

2) about the book

3) why the author wrote the book

4) what impact writing the book had on the author

5) the author’s tips and advice for other aspiring writers

What questions do you want me to ask?

Also I need your book and author recommendations for future episodes. Thanks!

EMS World Interview with Lt. Michael Morse

You can read an interview with Rescuing Providence author, Lt. Michael Morse, at EMSWorld.com. I thought the book was one of the best I have read, but I don’t recall it being particularly humorous … maybe some of the station pranks.

Earlier this year I interviewed Lt. Morse about Rescuing Providence.

Podcast: Interview with And a Paycheck Too Author Will Wyatt

This episode features veteran Firefighter Will Wyatt, author of the book And a Paycheck Too: Just Another Day at the Office for a Veteran Firefighter.

During the episode Will describes his inspiration to join the fire service was watching the television show Emergency! He explains that he never had an interest in EMS but a year into his career needed to become an EMT. Ever since EMS has been the majority of what he does as a firefighter.

Will was inspired to write the book to help the “average American understand what Fire and EMS professionals do in a typical day.” He went to great pains to make the book enjoyable to the public – not just insiders. He explains that life as a firefighter is a “roller coaster.”

The book is a mix of humorous stories and reflections on the fire services. He also shares one of the emotionally charged situations of his career that is told in the book.

Will wrote the book over a three month period. He usually wrote in the morning. He did not keep a journal during his career, but wishes he had. Will advises listeners to start taking notes for a few months before starting the writing process. He also encourages aspiring authors to sit in on firehouse story sessions to remember some of the other memorable moments of their career that might not be top of mind.

And a Paycheck was self published with Brown Publishing Group and is available for order through AndaPaycheckToo.com.

Show Notes:

Author Interview Scheduled: Kelly Grayson at EMS Expo #EMSExpo

Tomorrow I am interviewing author Kelly Grayson on a special live recording of the EMSEduCast podcast at EMS Expo in Dallas, Texas. Kelly is author of En Route: A Paramedics Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between

Once recorded the show will be posted at EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS Educators.