Podcast: Interview with Thom Dick author of People Care 2nd Edition

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat I visit with Thom Dick about the 2nd edition of his classic book People Care. Thom and I have a fascinating discussion about his career in EMS from San Diego, California to Colorado. When discussing his interest in quality improvement Thom shared, “Select good people, take of them, and you can measure less.”

Purchase the 2nd edition of People Care from EmergencyStuff.com

People Care is intended for all healthcare providers.  We have very little training on how to care for sick people and how to take care of ourselves. People Care is meant to address both of those shortcomings and includes the ideas from 30 other people.

If you have read the 1st edition of People Care, Thom shared that some of the new topics in the 2nd edition include:

  • Death notification
  • People that are suicidal
  • Violent people
  • Pearls from wise caregivers

Thom reads several passages from the book during our conversation.

We end with Thom sharing his advice for aspiring writers. Thom shares that “every call is story.” He also encourages listeners to keep a scrap book of news clippings and photos about partners, patients, and calls.

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Podcast: Interview with Matthew Sias Author of Silent Siren

This episode of the Medical Author was with Matthew Sias, author of Silent Siren: Memoirs of a Life-saving Mortician (Amazon link).

Matthew started in Fire and EMS as an explorer with the Bainbridge Island Fire  Department 1989. He went on to become and EMT and a paramedic, including training in the King County Medic 1 program. Matthew, currently a paramedic with Central Skagit Medic 1, has also been a reserve police officer, coroner, mortician, and death investigator.

During the conversation Matthew shares that most of the book is about his paramedic experience, but that he weaves in his different roles. Co-host, Brian Lilley, asked Matt to read several passages of the book about Matthew’s different roles.

Matthew shares his process for writing the book and that it was a project he felt that was always in him. The writing process took about three years. Silent Siren is self published.

We conclude the episode with Matthew’s advice for aspiring authors. He encouraged writers to “look for deeper meaning of their experiences.” Matthew shared some of his favorite EMS authors, including George Steffensen, Peter Canning, and Kelly Grayson (links are to episodes of the Medical Author Chat with these authors).

Silent Siren is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Create Space, and his website.

Books 2012: 3 Lists of 3

I read a lot of books in 2012. Perhaps the most I have ever read in a year. I attribute this to three things:

  1. November 2011 purchase of a Kindle Fire
  2. Amazon Prime subscription
  3. Ability to check out Kindle books through my local library

As I look back on my 2012 reading I came up with these three lists of three.

3 Books by Paramedics read

  1. Downwind Walk by Steve Kanarian
  2. Mortal Men by Peter Canning
  3. Responding EMS by Michael Morse

3 Running Books read

  1. Running Ahead of the Sun
  2. Born to Run
  3. How Winning Works

(ok, not technically a running book. FF/EMT author writes about leadership in the context of adventure racing and emergency response)

3 John Grisham Books read

  1. The Litigators
  2. The Confession
  3. The Rackateer

All of these links are Amazon affiliate links.

Book Reviews and Announcements: Mid Summer 2012

Book Reviews

Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine on the EduMedic Blog

Please Don’t Dance on my Ambulance on the EduMedic Blog

A Never Event on the Everyday EMS Tips Blog

The Downwind Walk on the High Performance EMS Blog

Currently Reading

How Winning Works by Firefighter/EMT and adventure racer Robyn Benincasa

Resurrecting the Street about the impacts of 9/11 and subsequent recovery of the financial services industry

Book Finds

New book from Michael Perry, Visiting Tom: A Man, a Highway, and the Road to Roughneck Grace. Michael was a guest on this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast.

You Cant Park There: the highs and lows of an Air Ambulance Doctor

I heard about this book on Episode 5 of the Harris CPD podcast. The host asks the author for his advice on writing a book of memoirs.

Writers on Writing and a Little More

Michael Morse shares an article he wrote on writing for Writer Magazine in 2008.

Peter Canning shares praise for the Rogue Medic. I also really appreciate his shout out for the Medical Author Chat. Thanks!

The EduMedic, Brian Lilley, has posted a review of A Paramedic’s Story: Life, Death, and Everything in Between.

Maybe one of these EMS writers is cranking away on the next Hunger Games.

New Books from EMS Authors Canning and Morse

February is a great month for the EMS reader. Paramedic Peter Canning and Lt. Michael Morse have both published new books.

I have a copy of Responding from Lt. Michael Morse, author of Rescuing Providence, on my nightstand.

I just downloaded the Kindle edition of Mortal Men: Paramedics on the Streets of Hartford by Peter Canning.

I am looking forward to reading both books.

You can find these and other titles by paramedics in Medical Author Chat book store (Amazon affiliate program)

Podcast: Interview with Paramedic and Rescue 471 author Peter Canning

Listen to this interview with Peter Canning about his books Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine and Rescue 471: A Paramedic’s Stories. This episode was originally broadcast at EverydayEMSTips.com. Browse to Everyday EMS Tips to read the episode show notes.