Podcast: Interview with Robyn Benincasa author of How Winning Works

On this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk with Firefighter/EMT Robyn Benincasa about her book How Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on Earth (Amazon affiliate link).

Robyn has been a Firefighter/EMT with the San Diego fire department for the past 15 years. She left a successful pharmaceutical sales career for the fire service. Robyn has always been a competitive athlete, but has found great success as an adventure racer. Since 1994 she has competed in the most difficult, longest, and remote adventure races on earth. She is also a professional speaker and delivers keynote addresses to more than 50 events per year.

Robyn discusses the book, explains the acronym for TEAMWORK, and shares her tips for successful writing. Robyn has founded a non-profit foundation, Project Athena, to provide adventures for survivors.

Links and Reviews:

My review of How Winning Works on the Firegeezer.com blog.

Author Interview: Paramedic Bob Holdsworth on WGN Radio

Bob Holdsworth, author of Wading into the Chaos (Amazon link), was interviewed on WGN Radio.

It is a great interview with Bob, tribute to emergency medical services, and a fine example of podcast hosting for me to strive towards.

Listen to the WGN Radio interview with Bob Holdsworth

What we are Reading at EMS Manager Part 1

The Medical Author Chat podcast is sponsored by EMS Manager. Try out a free trial at EMSManager.net.

I asked the EMS Manager staff to share the books they are reading (note many of the links below are Amazon affiliate links).

Miles Matton, Software Engineer

I am currently reading The Road to Damascus by John Ringo and Linda Evans and previous book was Emerald Sea by John Ringo (I think) both chosen mostly because they were in the Baen Free Library (which I just found out trying to find those titles has been pretty much gutted now), but he is a pretty good author or I wouldn’t have continued reading more of his (these are/were the last couple books I have of his out of 8 or so).

I’ve read a lot of books, I’m sure some of them have a medical theme at least, but none really come to mind. One of my favorites, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein has a nurse as one of the main characters & part of the start of the book is set there, not sure if that’s close enough.

Kyle Hammond, Software Engineer

I am currently reading The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 by David McCullough. It’s so far a very interesting read and has lessons to be learned about clarity of vision for what you want to happen, relying on facts and calculations instead of guesswork and hopes, and the perseverance of people to make things happen. France was the first country to really set out to make a canal between the Pacific and Atlantic, but they never had reliable data on the geography of the area and vastly underestimated the effort it would take.

Chad Clay, Co-Owner, Sales Director

I really don’t read anything that is not on a computer screen anymore. I read a lot of stuff on the internet and listen to a good number of podcasts. My favorite podcasts right now are “Planet Money” and “Freakonomics”.

I haven’t read anything that stands out recently but I did listen to this podcast “how much is a firefighter worth“.  I enjoyed it because it relates to our business here and it relates to the business side of firefighting which interests me.

What are you reading?


Podcast: Interview with Dr. Steven Feldman Author of Compartments

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I visit with Dr. Steven Feldman, author of Compartments (Amazon link). We discuss the book, the three principles of “compartments”, and Dr. Feldman’s writing process. Dr. Feldman illustrates the “compartment” principles with several anecdotes from his practice and research as a dermatologist.

Dr. Feldman also shares his process for writing the book, an adaptation from a professional society presentation, and his tips for aspiring writers.

This episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast is sponsored by EMS Manager. Try out a free trial at EMSManager.net

Show Links:

Review of Compartments posted on the Medical Author Chat.

Book Announcement: Silent Sirens

Matthew Sias emailed, “I have recently written a book about my experiences as a paramedic, EMT, deputy coroner, and intern funeral director.”

The book is titled Silent Sirens and is available on Create Space andSilent Sirens on Amazon.com.

I am working with Matthew to schedule him for a future episode of the Medical Author Chat.

Also my friend and EMS Blogs network administrator Dave Konig has finished two ebooks recently. Both are available from these Amazon.com links:

You Called 9-1-1 for What? The Official Guide to EMS Blogging

Dave was also featured in this news article “Absurd 9-1-1 Calls Remembered in Book.”

Links for Books by Paramedics and New Book Review

Paramedic and author Laura Kendall shared with me recently, “I’m happy to announce that my newest novel previously only available on kindle and nook as an ebook is now a full length paperback! A Simple Case of Revenge ( the sequel to A Simple Case of Suicide) is available from Amazon (affiliate link).”

Read a review of Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic … a healer’s rebirth by Russ Reina.

Listen to Laura and Russ on the Medical Author Chat podcast.


Review: Paramedic Buff to Burnt

Read a review of Paramedic Buff to Burnt by George Steffensen at the EduMedic Blog.

Also you can listen to my December, 2010 conversation with George in the Medical Author Chat archives.

George was also featured recently as an Everyday EMS Athlete.

Podcast: Interview with Clifton Castleman about the Wilderness First Aid Guide

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast I talk to Clif Castleman, WEMT, about The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid. We discuss his background as an Eagle Scout, American Red Cross instructor, volunteer EMT, and degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management from Penn State University. Clif is a founder of the Center for Wilderness Safety and also works as a safety ranger with the National Park Service in Virginia.

The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid is a compact book meant to fit in a first aid kit and be accessible and easy to understand by the reader. The book and the Wilderness First Aid course are used by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, SAR professionals, Sierra Club leaders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We also discuss Clif’s process for writing the book and his experience publishing with Lulu.com.

Buy the book, take a course, and learn more from any of these links:
WildSafe.org – Center for Wilderness Safety




More Advice for Authors from Seth Godin

Noted book author and marketing expert Seth Godin wrote a post recently, Advice for Authors part 1 and 2. If you are an aspiring book author it is certainly a post worth reading.

He writes, “Blog mentions, on the other hand, matter a lot.”

He does not mention podcasts. I am not sure how much podcasts matter for authors and book sales. I can tell you that Amazon affiliate sales (through my links) of books by authors interviewed on this podcast are low. For most books my affiliate sales are probably in the single digits. A few titles have achieved low double digit sales. What I don’t know is how often a podcast plants a seed for later mention.

If you are an author do podcast appearances matter? Have they helped your sales?

If you are a podcast listener does hearing an author on this or other podcasts influence your purchasing decision?

The market for books by paramedics and EMTs is a micro niche. Maybe 10 books sold through a podcast for this niche is significant. I am not sure.

If you are looking for book ideas I added an Amazon book store recently, EMS Books for your Kindle.

Podcast: Interview with Russ Reina Author of Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic … a healer’s rebirth

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat Podcast I interview the author of a Moments in the Death of a Flesh Mechanic ... a healers rebirth Russ Reina. We discuss Russ’ start in EMS in the 1970s, his career as a paramedic in Florida and California, and how EMS “exposed him to more things about life and living than he could have imagined.” His exploration of healing arts continued after he EMS career concluded.

The book is a non-fiction account of his own experience. Russ comments that he “writes because I have to.” He started taking notes as a field medic and the book has evolved over the last twenty-five years until its recent publication. We discuss some of the themes of the book including the balance between life and death that paramedics witness and can sometimes alter.

Like all episodes we conclude with the author’s advice for aspiring authors. Russ emphatically encourages you to “START” writing and to “not give up on meaningful themes.”

Show links: