Podcast: Interview with Steven Kanarian author of the “Downwind Walk”

In this episode of the Medical Author Chat I talk with Steven Kanarian – paramedic, educator, and friend – about his book The Downwind Walk: A USAR Paramedics Experiences after the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 .


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Steve and I have a great talk about his career in NYC EMS and his eventual work as an EMS Lieutenant in Fire Department of New York EMS until 2009. Steve spent 14 years on the USAR Task Force 1 and deployed to both attacks on the World Trade Center. Steve shared the impact of writing the book to grapple with his own traumatic stress after the events of 9/11. Steve states that he has used “journaling as a tool for stress management since the 1980’s” and that he was writing notes while at Ground Zero.


Steve chose self-publishing for the Downwind Walk so he could “tell my story, my way.” He encourages other writes to “just start” by keeping a jounral or blogging. Start with simple stories that draw on life experiences.

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Ebook Download: Resurrecting the Street after 9/11

RESURRECTING THE STREET will be free between September 7th  and September 11th.

Resurrecting the Street: Overcoming the Greatest Operational Crisis in History is an account of the impacts of the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks on the World Trade Center on the financial markets, with a focus on the trading and settlement of US Government Securities. The author, Jeff Ingber, used dozens of first person interviews with traders, brokers, dealers, regulators, and other financial professionals that witnessed the airplanes striking the buildings, ran for safety when they collapsed, helped injured co-workers and strangers, and then returned hours later to rebuild the trading and settlement systems. Read my full review at EverydayEMSTips.com … 

The events of 9/11 presented the financial industry with the greatest operational crisis in its history. Every major market was closed.  A significant amount of critical infrastructure was destroyed. Key officials were killed; others could not be located. Massive amounts of critical data were lost, and there was a crushing inability to communicate, locate or verify information.

Press Release – Free Book Announcement

With the anniversary of 9/11 looming, Jeff Ingber has released a newly updated edition of his ground-breaking book RESURRECTING THE STREET.  This book has been hailed as a gripping and detailed analysis of how the financial industry recovered, which required the willpower, wisdom, and unprecedented cooperation among fierce competitors.

Perfect for history buffs, those memorializing the 9/11 anniversary, and those looking for a deeper understanding of operational crisis management.