What we are reading at EMS Manager Part 3

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I asked the EMS Manager staff to share the books they are reading (note many of the links below are Amazon affiliate links).

Ericka Hawkins, Senior Sales Executive

I read “A Rumor of War” by Philip Caputo. It is a raw and moving account of his time in Vietnam. He was shipped to Da Nang and was with the first ground combat unit deployed to Vietnam. It’s one of the best books I have read that account for the indifference that war can create and smash the idealism that men may have when enlisting. It brings you inside a man who battled on the front lines and endured the psychological warfare that can darken even the just of heart. It’s not just an account of war or a journalist review of historical facts, it a heartfelt evolution of a man in war.

I am currently taking another crack at reading “Hot, Flat, & Crowded” by Thomas Friedman. He is one of my favorite authors and Op-Ed columnist for the NY Times. It’s a gripping plea to get us to change our outlook and policies on the destabilizing climate change and rising competition for energy. This book reinforces one of the reasons I am proud to work for Aladtec. Bringing services to the cloud can drastically decrease the amount of paper used in their daily operations. I like to tell my clients and prospects that I am helping them go green and saving the world one tree at a time. It gets a good laugh but it is VERY true. We help save unbelievable amounts of paper and ink through our services. Along with gas, as members can access their schedule from anywhere rather than having to make a drive in to do anything. I love it!

What are you reading? Do your reading interests reflect your personal convictions? 

Book Review: 2 Weeks a Year

I posted a review for 2 Weeks a Year Finding Humor in Iraq at Everyday EMS Tips. I enjoyed this book and have an interview scheduled with the author.

Book: 2 Weeks a Year? Finding Humor while deployed to Iraq

While aimlessly browsing through the books available in the Kindle owner’s lending library I found 2 Weeks a Year?. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

The cover photo, of a soldier in front of an Army ambulance, caught my eye. After reading the free preview I learned the author, Trent Cherin, was a combat medic deployed to Iraq. I am now quickly reading through SSG Cherin’s stories that were originally written for friends and family. I am enjoying his first person account and looking forward to reading the complete book.

The sub-genre of Iraq war EMS literature is one of my favorites. Other books I have read include:

What other titles should I read in this genre?

Podcast: Interview with the Nightingale of Mosul author Susan Luz

This episode is a conversation with Susan Luz author of the Nightingale of Mosul. Susan has been a nurse since 1972. She wanted to serve in Vietnam, but instead joined the Peace Corps. Listen to her stories of serving in the Peace Corps and working in community health nursing which eventually led her to join the Army Nurse Corps at age 33.

Susan has recently received her retirement orders and looks back on wonderful career of service in the Peace Corp, Kuwait, and Iraq. During our conversation we discuss PTSD, prevention of combat stress, and taking care of treating the “expectants.”

Retirement will not slow Susan down. She is already volunteering with the VA as a mentor and has full-time job at a psychiatry facility. Contact Susan to schedule a reading or appearance by emailing: gljr56@yahoo.com